Local hero receives bravery award

a local restaurant owner has been awarded for his bravery after putting his life in danger to rescue a motorist from a burning car in Newtonhill. Abdul Aziz, owner of roadside Indian restaurant Mumbai Spice, was presented with the award from Grampian Fire and Rescue at a short presentation on Tuesday 22 May.

It was earlier this year on Tuesday 24 January that Abdul sprang into action when a single-vehicle accident happened on the A90 only metres away from his restaurant. The conditions were typical of a Scottish January evening being cold, wet and dark and at 6pm, very busy with traffic. Abdul was in his restaurant preparing for the evening ahead when he saw the car burst into flames. Thinking fast, he picked up a fire extinguisher and shouted his staff for help before rushing to the aid of the driver trapped in the burning vehicle. The car continued to burn violently after two fire extinguishers were used but Mr Aziz continued on with determination by smashing the car window before he and his chef, Sadiqur Rahman, dragged the unconscious driver to safety. The 21 year old driver suffered burns and trauma injuries but has since made a full recovery.

Chief Fire Officer David Dalziel, who presented Abdul with his Certificate of Commendation for bravery said “I am delighted to award my certificate of commendation to Mr Aziz. Abdul Aziz’s selfless actions undoubtedly saved a life that evening”.

The Chief Fire Officer’s Certificate of Commendation award to members of the public has only been made less than 15 times since 2001.