Local man awarded for terrorism investigation at New Scotland Yard

A Laurencekirk businessman will travel down to London next year to receive a police commendation award for the work he carried out on a certain investigation during his time at Strathclyde Police.

Ronnie Paterson, owner of Ronnie’s Rolls van in Laurencekirk retired from Strathclyde police in April last year after 22 years as an officer on the street and 10 years investigating major incidents.

During this time, Mr Paterson worked for two strenuous years at New Scotland Yard investigating counter terrorism in what he describes as “one of the biggest profile cases with major results” at the SO15 Counter Terrorism Command.

These two years saw officers from all across the country working incredibly hard with very intense hours with up to a fortnight of constant 12 hour shifts.

Mr Paterson will receive the commendation award from the Head of Counter Terrorism Command in London in January.

Mr Paterson, who has recently been busy starting up a new travelling chip van business in the area said: “I really enjoyed the time working at New Scotland Yard, it was very different. It was a big shock when I was informed of the award as policemen getting recognition of their work doesn’t happen often.

“It was a big part of my life and I really loved it, it was so satisfying to the extent that when I retired it was a case of ‘what am I going to do now?!’ and that’s when I decided to start up my own business.

“I’m looking forward to going down with my wife, spending the night in London and picking up my award. In true Scottish fashion I’ll be getting my kilt out and getting properly suited up to proudly receive my award!”

What Mr Paterson was working on is protected under the official secrets act and cannot be disclosed.