Local Transport Strategy

Individuals and businesses in Aberdeenshire are encouraged to consider their travel choices as a new Local Transport Strategy (LTS) for the region is adopted.

Recently approved by Aberdeenshire Council’s Infrastructure Services Committee, the new LTS sets out a series of actions to deliver local transport improvements until 2015.

It has now been launched and addresses key transport issues of congestion, climate change, physical activity and the prospect of future fuel scarcity.

In the current economic climate, the overarching philosophy of Aberdeenshire’s LTS has been developed to maximise existing resources.

Central to its approach is the guiding principle to encourage individuals and business to consider ways to travel less, travel more actively and, where vehicular travel is necessary, to think how journeys could be undertaken more effectively.

It sets out an approach shared by citizens, businesses and the council, backed up by a series of actions which will support delivery of a transport vision for the region.

The new LTS was developed using a high engagement, low carbon approach.

In practice this meant limiting meetings, using online consultation tools and providing electronic documentation, rather than printed copies.

During two phases of consultation, feedback was received from over 1,000 residents and stakeholder groups, ensuring the LTS is based on an approach and set of actions supported by those who live and work in the region.

Actions proposed in the LTS include:

The production of Active Travel Plans for Aberdeenshire towns.

Continued support of local community walking and cycling initiatives, and promotion of passenger transport.

A comprehensive review of public transport provision across the region.

Town centre car parking reviews including the development of a car park charging regime and machine replacement programme.

Support for new low carbon vehicle initiatives, including the implementation of associated infrastructure where appropriate and feasible.

Delivery of the Joint Road Safety Plan and ongoing support for initiatives such as Operation Zenith, aimed at motorbike safety.

Ongoing partnership working with Nestrans to deliver strategic transport improvements for the North East, such as the AWPR.