Local views sought on Fettercairn Arch road

Mearns Cllr George Carr has requested that Roads Officers consult locals and review the traffic layout at Fettercairn Arch.

Following repeated concerns being expressed by residents to Cllrs and Officers from far and wide, a meeting was held with local councillors to consider options.

Cllr Carr said: “The original work to the road layout at Fettercairn Arch was never considered by councillors but was implemented by Roads Officers in an attempt to protect the historic structure.

“Unfortunately, since this work took place many cars have been damaged, and last summer more than one caravan got stuck which took several hours to jack up and release. Mearns Community Council has also been at the forefront in highlighting the problems being experienced and it had requested that a deadline be set for assessing the effectiveness of the current layout.

“A new team of Aberdeenshire Roads Officers are now in place and wish to engage with locals who have views on how improvements can be made. Traffic movement around the village is important for the shops and businesses, so disruption or drivers avoiding the Arch can affect local trade adversely.”