Lookout for artist in the Mearns


Laurencekirk could be in line for a new public art project as a steering group is on the lookout for an artist.

The Mearns Public Art Steering group have members from various groups across the Mearns including: Mearns Area Partnership, Mearns Youth Forum, Laurencekirk Villages In Control, Mearns Community Council, Howe O’The Mearns Heritage Trust and Aberdeenshire Council.

The brief states: “The Mearns Public Art Steering Group would like to commission an artist or craftsperson to create artworks which reflect the community’s ideas of, and stories about, the heritage of the Mearns area and to create visual links between Laurencekirk and its satellite villages.

“The artworks produced by this project are intended to encourage local residents to discover and explore the heritage of the area and raise awareness of the capacity of arts to do this.

“This commission is supported and funded by Aberdeenshire Council Public Art Scheme.

“The work delivered during this commission will need to adhere to the Public Art Guidance notes provided by Aberdeenshire Council.”