Mains of Cowie hearing next week

St James Episcopal Church on Arbuthnott Street in Stonehaven.
St James Episcopal Church on Arbuthnott Street in Stonehaven.

A Pre-Determination hearing about Stewart Milne’s plans for a supermarket and 400 houses at Mains of Cowie will take place on April 29.

The meeting next Wednesday, at 7pm in St James Episcopal Church on Arbuthnott Street in Stonehaven, will be preceeded by a site visit at 6pm.

The hearing will be held in public and a good attendance will be a good indicator of the strength of feeling on both sides.

The application for a mixed-use development, including residential dwellings, community and retail facilities, a primary school, petrol filling station and associated access routes and landscaping on land to the north, east and west of Mains of Cowie, Stonehaven, was submitted to Aberdeenshire Council in October 2014.

Though it is not a public consultation event, the hearing is a formal process allowing those who have already submitted valid representations, as well as the applicant and consultees, to express their views to councillors before any decision is taken.

Anyone wishing to make a short presentation at the hearing should write to karen. mcwilliam by this Friday, April 24.

To see the plans, previous comments and submissions you can visit the Aberdeenshire Council Planning website. The reference is APP/2014/3844.

The Planning Officers report is also now available on the Council’s website.

This site has been the subject of Council deliberations before. It is not currently in the Local Plan and in 2014 was rejected by Abedeenshire Councillors after having originally been approved by local councillors.

It is opposed by the Stonehaven Town Partnership and the Community Council, who submitted a very detailed objection last year.

Although no decision will be made on the application at the hearing, it will be minuted and all points raised will be placed before the Kincardine and Mearns Area Committee when it discusses the application at a meeting on Tuesday, May 19 2015.

A report detailing views on the application will then be presented to a meeting of full council on Thursday, June 18 when a decision is expected to be made.

A public exhibition detailing the plans was held in January in Stonehaven’s community centre.

What do you think of the plans for developing Mains of Cowie? Get in touch and let us know: email