Major crackdown on drink and drugs driving

Police Scotland
Police Scotland

Hundreds of Police officers across the country will be supporting their Road Policing Division colleagues in a major crackdown on drink and drugs driving today (Friday, June 10).

The ‘Local Days of Action’ is supporting a two-week Police Scotland campaign, which started last weekend, and combines high visibility patrols and roadside checks to catch those driving under the influence of drink or drugs, or whose standard of driving gives our officers concern.

Chief Superintendent Andy Edmonston, Head of Road Policing, said: Police Scotland holds local days of action on a range of priority issues, when our community and response policing teams work with specialist departments such as Road Policing to concentrate their resources in support of identified issues.

“As we are in the middle of the summer drink/drug driving campaign, this means we are able to staff numerous check points across the whole country in addition to increasing the number of vehicles and staff we have on mobile patrol.

“You are as likely to be stopped in a rural environment as well as in all of our town and cities to check that you are driving in a safe and legal way, and are not under the influence of drink or drugs. Our increased visibility and activity throughout the country aims to reassure the public that drink/drug driving is unacceptable. If you choose to drink and drive or drive whilst unfit due to the effects of drugs there is a high likelihood that you will be caught. “Even if you’re just over the limit, you’re still a drink driver in the eyes of the law – there is no grey area. This may affect your current and future employment and can have wider implications for other areas of your life including overseas travel. If you drink and drive, you won’t just spoil summer, the effects can last a lifetime.

“Our message is simple – the best approach is none.

“We want everyone to enjoy their summer which is why enforcement campaigns such as this one are essential to tackling the small minority of reckless road users who continue to break the law but also to remind the general public that drink driving is never worth the risk.”

Anyone with information on drink/drug drivers can contact Police Scotland on 999 in an emergency. Alternatively call 101 or Crimestoppers in complete anonymity on 0800 555 111.