Making It Real

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I’ve gained a lot of satisfaction from doing my bit” reflects Michael Morgan on his time as a Community Councillor for Newtonhill, Muchalls and Cammachmore. “It’s my turn to give something back and, as a Community Councillor, I can use my skills for the benefit of the community.”

The role of Community Councils is to express the views of their communities to external bodies such as the local authority and to act in the interests of the community where appropriate. Over the past few years, Michael’s Community Council has asked local residents for their opinions on a number of issues affecting life in these villages. A big consultation was held on the Main Issues report to find out residents’ views on new housing proposals. Residents turned out in force to express their thoughts and Michael feels the Local Development Plan, which was later produced, very much reflects local opinion about new housing. “We are a conduit through to those who make decisions and it is definitely two way,” says Michael.

In 2009, the Community Council held a community consultation called Planning for Real © to give local people a chance to have their say about what improvements they would like to see in Newtonhill, Muchalls and Cammachmore. Following this event, much work has gone into following up what people said at the event and real improvements to community facilities and safety are planned as a result. Newtonhill should soon have refurbished tennis courts and a pedestrian crossing over Newtonhill Road is on the cards. A Making it Real © event is now planned at the Bettridge Centre on Saturday 4th June to let the community know what has been done and ask what residents would like to see happening in the future.

An information stall on volunteering is planned for the Making it Real event in June. If you’re interested in becoming involved in your local Community Council, please contact your Community Planning Officer on 01569 768327 for information.