Mearns Community Library events

Mearns Community Library inside Mearns Community Campus have two upcoming events planned for next Friday May 29.

At 11am the library’s new reading group will meet for the first time. For more information call 01561 377298.

The library will also be starting a once a week course to last for six weeks which is CLiS Gaelic for beginners.

The library leaflet on the course says: “The course introduced students to useful Gaelic vocabulary and demonstrates how to bring basic language skills together to get students to quickly and confortable using the language.

“The course is suitable as an introductory course for those learning the language for the first time and also compliments other methods of learning that students may already be participating in.”

To register you can call the library on 01339 886 004, email them at or pick up a leaflet at the library.