Mearns FM AGM next week

Mearns FM Chairman Peter Greig
Mearns FM Chairman Peter Greig

Mearns FM will hold their AGM next Wednesday September 23 with the community radio station celebrating 10 years of AGM’s and five more years.

The AGM will be held in Stonehaven Upper Town Hall at 8pm with members of the public invited to attend.

The station has been running under various incarnations since 1993 when a band of volunteers got together forming a steering group for broadcasting radio in Stonehaven. The first broadcast was done from the old primary school toilet block in the Community centre playground in July 1994.

Mearns FM Chairman Peter Greig said: “This year in July 2015 will have seen Stonehaven have a Community asset which it should be very proud to have operating right on its doorstep for 21 years and last year we were given an extension to broadcast for a further five years through till 2019.

“We are this year celebrating our 10 Anniversary of AGM’s as the first one was held in 2005 and what a difference has happened in that time to Community Radio Stations.

“Considering it started as an idea amongst some enthusiasts back in 1993, it has come a long way since then, and has some great achievements under its belt.”

One of the biggest highlights of the community station in the 1990’s was 17 year old presenter Ross Gilligan interviewing Billy Connolly in the community centre studio for half an hour, with the recording still in existence today.

The current incarnation of Mearns FM started when five year community radio licences were introduced in 2004 and volunteers deciding to broadcast Mearns wide. Mearns FM is unlike other community radio station as it currently has three transmitters allowing them to air across the Mearns from their new base in Stonehaven Town Hall. The first broadcast aired during the Stonehaven Feein’ Market in 2009.

Peter added that cost fundraising is needed to continue to air the community station.

He said: “It is run totally by volunteers, has a registered charity status and has no regular funding of any description, It has to its credit managed to keep broadcasting as it costs around £11000 pounds per year to keep it on air.”