Mearns FM DJ to go all day long

Dave Heron Mearns FM
Dave Heron Mearns FM

Mearns Fm DJ Dave Heron is to host a 24 hour radio show next Tuesday, July 9.

The DJ who has travelled the world with his radio shows is set to beat his own 18-hour broadcast at the community radio station.

Dave is appealing to local business to sponsor the 24 hour show to help raise fund for Mearns FM who have been struggling to pay their fees.

He will start his show at 11am on Tuesday and finish at 11am on the Wednesday, July 10.

It was decided two weeks ago that the station would hold a 24 hour show to raise funds and are opening up the station to members of the public to stop by, see the studio and have a talk with Dave.

Speaking to the local paper, Dave mentioned how his busy schedule will see him fly out to Sweden almost straight after his 24 hour show.

He said: “The feeling is I am going to be tired after I have done the 24-hour show as I am flying out to Sweden to do a four-day gig.”

“Members of the public can help us by calling in at the studio and making a donation, They can also go onto our website, where they will be able to get our details on how to make a donation online.”

Dave has been at Mearns FM for over two years now and hosts the drive time show along with others, including the sound of the seventies show and hugely popular Marc Bolan radio show.

The Official Marc Bolan Radio Show is broadcast every Tuesday on Mearns FM between 7 and 9pm.

The show has managed to gather an international appeal with listeners in many countries around the world Including Spain, Italy, Sweden, Germany, France, Dubai, USA & Canada.

Mearns FM is a community station and registered charity.

They are a non-profit organisation and are there to inform and entertain the people of the Mearns as well as playing an active part in the local community and providing training opportunities.

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