Mearns Ladies Probus Club look back to the ‘60s

At their meeting in the Crown Hotel Laurencekirk, the ladies of Mearns Ladies Probus Club were transported back to the days of their youth when Mr Steve Nicoll spoke of the Beatles and their connections with Scotland.

Their first appearance in Scotland was in 1960 in Alloa as the backing band for Johnny Gentle, a big name at that time. From there they toured and played wherever they could get a booking.

Scotland influenced the Beatles all through their musical career, both as a group and as individuals. Mull of Kintyre and the Campbeltown Pipe band are known worldwide and in Durness there are memorial stones inscribed with lines from their songs as John Lennon had a childhood connection with the area.

Mr Nicoll’s talk elicited memories of the Beatles from several of the ladies and he was warmly thanked for his talk. Mr Nicoll gives any donations that he receives to the Montrose Day Care for the building of their new premises.