Mearns Probus Club report

The second meeting for March was held in the Crown Inn, Laurencekirk, when president Eric Bell welcomed a large turnout of members.

Past President and life member Bill Innes had provided a DVD to be shown on a screen through a power point projector.

The recording was of agricultural methods with machinery from early last century to the 1970s and followed a whole year in the fields.

The movement away from horses providing the power to tractors and combine harvesters was shown alongside the decline in man power over the same period.

Starting in autumn with ploughing, tilling and ground preparation, some early cereal crops were sown.

Moving to spring, there were more crops sown, notably potatoes, sugar beet and vegetables along with oats and barley too.

Crop management with spraying, weeding and thinning came next with various machines and manual labour all in use.

Next was hay making, silage and haylage again with different machines before the harvesting of cereal crops, lifting root crops, showing old binders, potato diggers that were in use at the time.

How things have changed with the advent of combine harvesters, grain driers, potato harvesters, storage methods and handling by machinery.

Manure spreading on the cropped fields completed an interesting look into one year’s rotation on a farm to produce food for consumers.

A vote of thanks was proposed to all who had made the morning’s entertainment possible.

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