Mearns streets among north-east’s happiest

Michelle Ferguson, charity manager for Cash for Kids
Michelle Ferguson, charity manager for Cash for Kids

Community groups from the Mearns area are among those shortlisted to be named as the north-east of Scotland’s happiest street.

Cash for Kids has revealed that communities from Portlethen and Stonehaven are two of the finalists in a competition.

Torry and Turriff are the other two finalists, and all four community groups will be looking to raise as much money as possible for the charity in order to win a party for their local community.

The community-focussed charity launched its Happy Street initiative with the aim of celebrating local community spirit, something that they claim is “often not thought to be as strong today as it was decades ago”.

All of the money raised by the four groups will be used to fulfil grant applications in the charity’s next funding round.

The community that raises the greatest amount of money for Cash for Kids will receive a party for the local neighbourhood on Sunday, August 21.

North-east entertainer Lisa Lollipop, magician Gary Seagraves and the team from Dennis Law Streetsport will be on hand to provide lots of activities for all ages.

Refreshments will be provided by Aberdeenshire restaurant Eat on the Green, the Store Farm Shop and Summerhouse Drinks.

Michelle Ferguson, Cash for Kids charity manager, said: “It is often reported that Britain is losing its sense of community spirit, but these four groups show it is alive and kicking in neighbourhoods across the north-east.

“All the money raised will benefit children here in the north-east.

“We are really excited to be working with each of the finalists, supporting them with ideas and advice as they set out to raise money.”