Mearns village in flooding drama

The overflowing culvert the morning after the flood
The overflowing culvert the morning after the flood

A 300-year-old B-listed house in a village just out of Stonehaven has suffered flooding due to poor planning decisions, a resident has said.

The Old Inn, in Kirktown of Fetteresso, suffered flooding in the early hours of Thursday, July 21.

Owner, Dr Keith Stewart and his wife Lorraine woke up at 2am that morning to find water running down the road into their garden and home. “We went outside and were faced with a river,” he said.

“We phoned Aberdeenshire Council 2am Thursday morning but no help came. We had to rush out to the neighbours and scramble to get sandbags.”

An Aberdeenshire Council spokesperson said the details were forwarded on to Scottish Water to handle.

G S Brown are developing 49 houses near Fetteresso Cemetery; Kirktown of Fetteresso sits downhill from that by the Cheyne Burn.

Objections were lodged against its planning permission. Part of the objection was the risk of additional water flowing into the village.

Dr Stewart added that they foresaw this happening. “We have been complaining to Aberdeenshire Council and to Sepa about the site since November 2015 at the time the company removed the grass to expose the underlying sand.

“This led to continued pollution of the Cheyne Burn downhill despite a planning condition that they had to prevent this from happening.”

Aberdeenshire Council’s Kincardineshire and Mearns area manager, Willie Munro, said: “Officers have been in correspondence with a local resident regarding complaints about a neighbouring construction site and nearby infrastructure in relation to excess water runoff.

“We are working with colleagues at Sepa to investigate the issues raised and identify any action which may be required.”

Stonehaven and District Community Council chairperson said: “We are concerned with the situation, but it seems the council are now acting.”

G S Brown were unavailable for comment.