Meeting in town to consider rescue plan for Sheriff Court

LOCAL residents who are concerned about the possible closure of Stonehaven Sheriff Court are being encouraged to attend a public meeting about the issue later this month.

North East Labour MSP Lewis Macdonald has arranged a public meeting and invited local MSPs from the main political parties to attend. The aim of the meeting is to organise a campaign to take the issue to Holyrood.

All are welcome to attend the public meeting, which will take place at Stonehaven Community Centre on Monday, May 13, at 6pm.

Mr Macdonald said: “There are two vital steps to saving Stonehaven Sheriff Court.

“First, the Justice Committee has to reject the current closure proposal and send it to the full Parliament for debate.

“Secondly, if the Justice Committee does that, all MSPs will have a vote to accept or reject the proposals made by the Scottish Court Service and the Scottish Government.

“I am organising this meeting in response to calls from members of the community, so they can discuss with members of all parties what is to be done and who will support a campaign to keep Stonehaven Sheriff Court open.”

Following a decision by the Scottish Government to support the Scottish Court Services recommendation that the court should be closed, the Justice Committee is seeking more information before it makes a decision on the issue.

They are trying to discover what impact court closures will have on communities.

All submissions must be made to the Justice Committee before midday on Tuesday, May 21.