Millie arrives at the Tolbooth Museum

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“Millie” has arrived at the Tolbooth Museum, Stonehaven, and is now on display there. “Millie” is a 10” model of the millipede Pneumodesmus Newmani. The fossil of the millipede was found by Mike Newman in 2003 in the sandstone rocks of the foreshore at Cowie.

It is around 428 million years old and the oldest known air-breathing animal in the world. The Model has been commissioned and paid for by Aberdeenshire Council Museum Service and donated to the Tolbooth Group, which now runs the Museum in partnership with the Council.

The Tolbooth Group is discussing with Aberdeenshire Council the continued operation of the Museum in the coming Spring and Autumn when it is hoped to be able to open six days a week. Meanwhile it is open on Saturday and Sunday afternoons up to the end of March.

The Tolbooth Group is considering changes to the layout of the museum and has identified some themes for the coming Spring/Summer season. The work will be carried out in the next couple of months in the leadup to the fuller opening times. This is being masterminded by George Strang who would be pleased to hear from anybody who can assist with this.

Further good news for the Tolbooth is that a local businessman has donated £500 to the Tolbooth Group.

Cllr Peter Bellarby, Chair of the Tolbooth Group, welcomed “Millie” to the Museum and said: “This fossil is hugely significant and now visitors to the Tolbooth will be able to see what the creature looked like. The Tolbooth continues to be a success story and that is due to all those who have helped, whether it is by manning the Museum, lending artefacts, carrying out practical tasks or making a donation”.

Anybody who would like to help can go to through which they can contact the Group or alternatively call George Strang on 01569 764462.