Millo Moments - Strong success for badminton

Following January’s Burns Celebrations at Mill O Forest, the school is delighted that some of our pupils will be taking part in the Burns World Federation North of Scotland festival on March 5.

Campbell Gauld, Gavin Shaw, Bethan Glennie and Jack Shaw are due to perform at the Festival and we have no doubt that they will do Mill O’ Forest proud.

The school has always had strong success with our badminton teams for many years now. The Mill O’ team took part in the Gibb Memorial Quaich Tournament at the end of January and qualified for the finals on February 27. We are pleased to report that on Sunday our team came 6th place which ranking them 6th for the whole of Scotland! Younger pupils from the school are soon to join the ranks as Pupils from P3 and P4 are due to take part in the Badminton Sports Challenge on March 23. It would be fantastic if the seven years unbeaten record can be continued in 2016, but as long as our players have fun, we will all be winners!

Last year, the school was extremely proud when a team of P6 pupils reached the Primary School Euro Quiz final in Edinburgh. The P6 pupils are now preparing for this year’s competition. We wish our pupils well and hope some of our teams reach the regional heats on March 22.

The school is always delighted for the pupils to display their talents out with the school and out to the wider community. Not only does it encourage the skills and confidence of our pupils but hopefully gives the wider community an indication of the excellence and discipline of the school.

Encouraging the pupils to appreciate the importance and value of charity work is also an ongoing initiative. Back in November, before the flurry of Christmas, the staff successfully combined a celebration of the P6 and P7’s study of World War Two into a fun-filled Open Day for parents and family which also managed to raise money for Marie Curie Cancer Support.

The charity has a fundraising theme called “Lunch Down Memory Lane” which was adopted by the Mill O’ staff and pupils who dressed up in 1940’s costumes for the day.

The school’s catering team worked hard to serve up menu options typical from the wartime period but with a non-rationed, healthy Twenty- First Century twist! The school Hall was decorated with wartime bunting and World War Two songs were played during the lunch hour.

The P6 and P7 pupils invited their parents, family and fellow pupils to their area to share what they had learned about life during the World War Two period and sang a wartime song to their audience.

The P6 and P7 pupils then went on to visit a local Care Home to sing the wartime songs they had learned. We hope their performance provided sparkle and rekindled fond memories for the residents. Whilst the senior pupils were performing, the rest of the school enjoyed an Open Day when parents and family were invited to join in the nostalgic fun.

Thankfully all the evacuee pupils were delivered safely back to their own homes at the end of the school day and the event raised donations of £305.09 for this very worthwhile cause.

The fundraising initiative within the school is obviously having a positive influence as P7 pupil, Abbie Davidson, recently approached staff to organise a charity event within the school for the Little Princess Trust. The charity provides wigs to children who lose their hair through cancer treatment.

Abbie has decided that she wants to have her hair cut, will donate her hair to this admirable project and hopes to get donations from staff, pupils and their families. Abbie has inspired the school’s Deputy Head Teacher, Mrs Nicola Cunningham, to go for the chop as well! The school day on March 22 will definitely be hair raising!