Milltown open YPI yurt

Milltown Community in Arbuthnott officially opened their new yurt on Tuesday after a donation of £3000 from Mearns Academy pupils through the Youth Philanthropy Initiative.

The community is a busy vibrant place with five residents living in Milltown House, a big old farmhouse, and two tenants living in Peesie’s Knapp, a wooden kit house. More than 20 clients also visit the Milltown Community every week to work in their day workshop. Most of those visiting either have a learning disability or have had an accident or stroke, and they all work together in their small, integrated community.

The Milltown Community were pleased last year when they had a visit from five sixth year Mearns Academy pupils who wanted to adopt Milltown as their local charity in the Youth Philanthropy Initiative (YPI).

The Youth Philanthropy Initiative is a national project where groups of secondary school students work together to research a local charity, go through stages of the competition and prepare a presentation to say why their nominated charity should receive £3000 funding.

The five sixth year pupils, Zoe Kirkham-Mowbray, Fraser Scott, twins Samantha and Rachel Farquharson and Matthew Clark, spent time visiting the workers, finding out about Milltown and recording interviews before making a lively video presentation.

The group’s proposal was chosen as one of the finalists out of the original 15 teams before the judges announced that they had won their vote. Milltown Community thought it was wonderful to see how they had picked up the positive, cooperative, creative, mood that they have created at Milltown and translate it into words and images. They said they were not surprised when the judges announced that they had won and the whole thing brought a tear to the eye.