Minister to retire after 12 years of service

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Portlethen Parish Church Minister, Rev. Dr Flora Munro, is to retire from her position at the Kirk after 12-years of service.

Rev Munro became minister at “The Kirk on the hill” in 2003 after leaving Cults East Church in Aberdeen, where she worked for ten and a half years.

Flora, who’s has been a minister for 22-years spoke to The Leader about her time with the church.

She said: “I think we’ve achieved a lot in various ways.

“People say the Church is now a very welcoming and happy place.

“We have renovated a lot of the building here including the Jubilee Hall, which was nearly derelict and now it is all refurbished and used every day.

“Here, I have loved the children, I love working with them and the schools.

“They are fantastic and very talented and given the opportunities they just come up with everything, they are great.

“It’s been a joy to work in the parish and there have been so many people in the congregation who have just been so good to me.”

Flora also took time to pay tribute to those who have helped her over the years.

“One of those is Bill Hutcheon, he’s always been around me and has been like a shepherd.

“He looks after the buildings like a shepherd looks after his flock but he has always been there for me when I’ve needed him.

“He’s a lovely man who has seen many ministers come and go and has supported every single one.”

Mr Hutcheon, an elder of the Church for 46-years, thanked Flora for her years of service on behalf of the congregation and wished her a long and happy retirement.

Flora finished by saying: “I’m really looking forward to my retirement.

“I’m going off to Australia to visit my eldest son and his wife and my two grandchildren who I haven’t seen for three and a half years.

“Then I’m going to travel to Africa to see my other son and stay with him for a while in Namibia where he works for a wildlife sanctuary.

“I’m also writing a book and I love my cycling which I have no intention to give up so I have plenty to keep me busy.”