Molly’s haircut raises £2,000 for charity

Molly is pictured with her brothers after completing her challenge.
Molly is pictured with her brothers after completing her challenge.

A ten year-old Auchenblae Primary pupil has raised more than £2,000 for charity after shaving her head during an assembly at school last Friday.

Molly Gowans-Ouvray, who is in Primary 7, had hoped to raise at least £1,000 as well as raising awareness for Cancer Research UK, and was delighted with the amount she has managed to raise so far.

Molly even offered a few of her classmates the opportunity to cut a few of her braids, and the event was made as happy and fun as possible.

Molly’s mum, Elaine Gowans, explained her daughter’s reasons for getting the drastic haircut: “Mollys’ great grandmother (who is also her name sake) had cancer and sadly lost the fight. My friend lost her hair during her treatment for breast cancer. Molly was inspired to give her hair away to make a wig after two children at Auchenblae primary cut their hair short for the little princess trust.

“She realised that hair wasn’t essential and that it would grow back in, just like my friend’s did after her treatment, only Molly would have the choice. She became determined that she wanted to make a difference to people’s awareness about cancer not just in adults but children too.

“Since then we have had much discussion to be sure she was ready to do this. There was a point before the summer we had thought she could do it but felt waiting until now would allow her more time to consider and organise fundraising. All the research she did only made her more determined to do it.”

Elaine added: “I felt incredibly proud of Molly on the big day she was so very calm and took it all in her stride. Her determination made us all strong and it felt just like a haircut. I knew she would look beautiful with or without hair, she has lovely big eyes and that’s all you see now!

“Molly wanted to raise awareness about cancer; so to cut her hair in front of her classmates gave them all the opportunity to talk about cancer and why she wanted to do it.”

Molly said that she would like to thank everyone who has contributed to her total, as well as everyone who has made or given her a hat, but especially thanked her mum for her support throughout the last few months.

You can find out more about Molly’s fundraising efforts, and about how she feels about the challenge, on her just giving page, or you can read her blog:<>.