More interest in Queen Elizabeth Caravan Park

THE chairman of Stonehaven Town Partnership has said that the Caravan Club is not the only organisation interested in taking over the running of the Queen Elizabeth Park.

Peter Bellarby spoke out at this week’s meeting of the Stonehaven and District Community Council to clarify the current position of the caravan park.

Aberdeenshire Council has backed plans to hand over control of caravan parks across the shire to communities as part of budget cuts.

Mr Bellarby said that the STP has been identified as a possible organisation in the town to take on a lease of the site from the council.

“That doesn’t mean that the Town Partnership would neccesarily run it though,” he added. “STP could take a lease of the caravan park from the council, then it in turn could sub-lease it to the Caravan Club.”

Mr Bellarby said this appeared to be the best solution, as it would bring much needed investment for the park, while retaining some of the financial return for the good of Stonehaven.

“This is very much under discussion at the moment,” he said. “We have not committed ourselves to the Caravan Club - there could be other organisations involved.”

The Caravan Club – billed as Europe’s number one touring organisation and boasting over 375,000 members – visited the site in April, and representatives were reportedly “very impressed” with the seaside town.