More legroom welcomed

Local bus services are to have more legroom, a move which was welcomed this week by North Kincardine Liberal Democrat councillor Ian Mollison.

“I was approached by a Newtonhill resident who told me how uncomfortable it was travelling on some buses because of the lack of legroom between seats.

“I have some sympathy with his complaint as I am 6ft and find it awkward sometimes on buses and planes. It is not too bad if it is a short distance, but longer distances can be most uncomfortable.

“The resident told me it is impossible to sit correctly as an average male of 5ft 11ins on some services. He said he experiences back pain by the time the bus reaches Aberdeen.

“I have now been told that Stagecoach Bluebird is introducing seven new vehicles with high back seats and space for only 40 seated passengers. The extra space should hopefully resolve this problem.”

Managing director Andrew Jarvis said: “These buses will provide ample legroom for passengers.

“I understand that legroom is important, however under exceptional circumstances we may have to use older buses.”