MP voices his concerns over missed NHS targets

Local MP Sir Robert Smith has voiced concerns that, according to new weekly statistics, 89.6% of A&E attendants at NHS Grampian were seen within four hours, compared to the Scottish Government’s interim target of 95%.

In February, Sir Robert joined Liberal Democrat calls for A&E performance to be published on a weekly basis. The first of those figures have today been released, showing that just 89.6% of A&E attendees at NHS Grampian were seen within four hours between February 16 and 22.

Sir Robert has said: “It is concerning that 89.6% of patients at NHS Grampian A&E were seen within hour hours, compared to the target of 95% being seen within that time.

“There is a crisis facing A&E departments as a result of the SNP taking their eye off the ball.

WhileI welcome the fact that statistics will now be released on a weekly basis we need answers about how the Scottish Government will address NHS Grampian’s missed waiting time targets.”