Muffins Coffee Shop to close next week

Muffins Coffee Shop in High Street, Laurencekirk is to cease trading on February 25.

Muffins proprietor is Lauren Smith, who has run the business for the last five years with her manager and friend Lynne Pearson.

Lauren says: “I have taken this decision with regret. My current lease is up and I have been unable to reach agreement with my landlord to either buy the premises or to extend the least for a period which is acceptable to me.

“I have not got the time to take the business forward the way it should be going, which is focussing more on meals in the evenings.

“Muffins has been a huge success and I would like people to realise that.

“We are going out with a bang by holding one of our popular supper clubs on Saturday the 25th, which is already sold out. We will celebrate Muffins in style.

“I am upset that things are coming to an end. I only put a notice up in the shop last week.

“My customers are gutted that we are closing and they say the High Street won’t be the same without us.

“Our clientel was very varied we got mums who had just dropped their children off at school, elderly ladies out for a bit of shopping, everyone really.

“Having taken the decision to close I am relieved and ready to look to the future.

“Another business venture will turn up for me. My friends in Laurencekirk have not seen the last of me yet.”

Muffins wasn’t so named because it specialised in selling muffins, it was named after Lauren’s sister-in-law Sheila Smith who was affectionately known as Muffin.

“Sheila helped me financially to set up the business five years ago. Sadly she died just two months before we opened so she never saw our plans come to fruition.”