Multi-storey car park for Stonehaven?

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A Stonehaven resident believes that he has solved the problem of parking in Stonehaven for future generations.

Tony Zaccarini, who has lived in Stonehaven his whole life, contacted the Mearns Leader this week to share his proposal for a multi-storey car park in the town, which would involve two underground levels beneath Ann Street, and a further two levels in the gardens of Clashfarquhar House.

Rodney Street betwen Ann Street and Barclay Street

Rodney Street betwen Ann Street and Barclay Street

The proposals suggest that the entrance to the car park would be through a tunnel a cessed from Rodney Street. In a carefully prepared presentation, Mr Zaccarini writes: “The economic development of Stonehaven will fail to improve unless we solve the issue of limited parking. Businesses rely on footfall to be profitable. Stonehaven requires a large new car park which would help to alleviate the parking problem.”

Mr Zaccarini told the Leader that, at present, the gardens outside Clashfarquhar House on Ann Street are inaccessible to most residents of the care home due to the steep incline and are also difficult to maintain, and explained that the car park would create a flat area which could be landscaped for use by residents. He said: “Situated on the flat roof of the car park and level with the back entrance of Clashfarquhar House would be a landscaped garden containing benches, trees and water features.This would be for exclusive use by residents and staff of Clashfarquhar.”

The proposal states: “Vehicular entrance and exit would be from lower Rodney Street. The entrance itself would be situated around a metre higher than Barclay Street; this would ensure that even in the event of a major town flood, the lower level would not be affected.

“Into an underpass straight ahead, turn right and into the underground section of the car park. The two lower levels below Ann Street, would extend to the full width of the road back to the base of Clashfarquhar House several levels above.

The proposed car park would have its entrance on Rodney Street into an underground tunnel, leading to upper levels on Ann Street.

The proposed car park would have its entrance on Rodney Street into an underground tunnel, leading to upper levels on Ann Street.

“Levels three and four would be contained within the boundary of Clashfarquhar garden.”

The car park would have space for approximately 100 cars on each of its four levels.

Mr Zaccarini said he had also considered other ideas before deciding to back the multi storey car park idea, including possible one way systems along Ann Street and other streets which would incorporate road narrowing in conjunction with diagonal parking, and also isolating certain areas to accommodate several smaller car parks such as Rodney and Mary Street, although he conceded that this option would not be of much benefit.

He said: “The idea is to stimulate debate on the important issue of parking in Stonehaven. I think this plan would benefit the town in the long term, but I’m not going to push my idea down people’s throats. If people in the town get behind it, it might happen. If they don’t want it, it won’t.”

Tony Zaccarini

Tony Zaccarini

The question of who would fund the project is yet to be decided.

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