A FORMER Stonehaven resident, currently promoting his debut CD, will take to the stage at the Edinburgh Festival.

Earlier this year, guitarist and singer Colin Clyne completed a tour of the American West Coast, where he performed tracks from his album 'Songs From The Cold Store'.

Colin, who lives in San Diego, California with his girlfriend, penned the songs in a cold store on a ship he worked on in the Artic Circle, as it was the only place where he could practise in peace.

Now the 30-year-old will bring his music back to Scotland, with a run of three gigs from August 16-18 at The Acoustic Music Centre.

He said: "I spent a lot of time in my younger years in Edinburgh and I have always loved the city, so I jumped at the chance to play some acoustic gigs at the festival.

"This also gives me a chance to perform for my UK based friends, family and fans. My music is a mixture of rock, blues, acoustic and folk, and I have spent the last year playing my CD in an intimate acoustic format, even although the CD was recorded with full band production.

He continued: "I travelled from Canada to Mexico for a few weeks in February which was great and these shows will be the roughly the same format again, featuring the songs which touch on facets of growing up in the north-east of Scotland and aspects of life in the US."

The former Mackie Academy pupil is also in the middle of a radio campaign and hopes in the future to play many more gigs in his homeland.

He said: "I started a radio campaign covering college radio in the US and Canada which is going well and I am already trying to get more shows set up in the UK, which will be wonderful if it comes off."

To book tickets for Colin's shows, phone 0131 346 1405.

To find out more about his music, visit and