Nearly new sale

Gillian and Isabelle are to embark on their 13th Nearly New Sale in Auchenblae Village Hall on Saturday March 10.

If you have never attended a sale as a buyer the idea is to purchase a seller number for £3. All toys, clothes, books, DVDs, crafts, games, sports equipment and musical instruments for children aged 0-16 years as well as all nursery equipment are accepted. Your goods should be labelled up with your seller number and price, then drop them off to the hall at your allotted drop off time the night before the sale. The team of local helpers set up all the items ready for the sale opening to the public on Saturday morning (9am – 11am). At the end of the sale any unsold items are bagged up ready for your collection and you also receive 75% of the value of your sold goods. The charities (on this occasion the main beneficiary being The Chest, Heart and Stroke Unit at Stracathro) receive the remaining 25%. Refreshments are also provided by Auchenblae Pre-school Group on Sale Day. The seller numbers are now available by contacting 01561 320685 or 01561 320759.