‘Nearly New’ sales set to change hands

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On Saturday, November 7, a Nearly New Sale was held at Auchenblae Village Hall by villagers; Isabelle Riddoch and Gillian Milne.

With the help and support of a group of friends, the girls have been running these sales in Auchenblae since 2007.

This year, they have finally decided to hang up their hats as their own children are growing older and the time is right to pass the sale on to a new, younger group of organisers.

Over the last eight years, the girls have run 21 sales and raised almost £21,000 for various local and national charities.

In addition to raising cash for charity, the sales allow families to recycle and purchase a vast array of good quality nearly new items for very competitive prices.

Over the years the charities supported have ranged from national charities such as; Multiple Sclerosis Society, Motor Neurone Disease Scotland, Cancer Research UK to more local charities such as: Archie Foundation, Maggie’s Centre, Cash for Kids, Fighting for Sight, Aberdeen Royal Infirmary. The girls have also made donations of resources and cash to all the village groups over the years.

For this final sale, the chosen charity was SNAC; Scottish Network for Arthritis in Children. JIA (Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis) affects about one in every thousand under 16s yet most people don’t even know that kids can get arthritis. Three families in the village have children who suffer from the condition.

Isabelle and Gillian have thoroughly enjoyed running the sales and are very proud to have been able to raise this amount of money to support local and national charities. They would like to thank all the helpers who have supported them in their venture over the years, without whose help the sales would not have been possible

It is hoped that the sales will continue to run in the village under the stewardship of new organisers.