Neillian drives new university exhibition

A former Mearns Academy pupil is one of the driving forces behind a new exhibition at the University of Aberdeen’s King’s Museum.

Neillian MacLachlan, (23), is among a group of anthropology, archaeology and history postgraduate students from the University behind an exhibition exploring the surprising paths our feet tread.

Entitled A Single Step, it brings together a wide variety of ideas and materials not normally associated with feet, including items from the University’s fine art, ethnographic, zoological, medical and scientific instrument collections, to blur the lines between mind and body.

Neillian, who is currently studying for a Master’s degree in anthropology was the lead researcher for the project.

She said: “When we were given the keyword ‘feet’ at the beginning of the project in February, we wanted to avoid doing just another exhibition on shoes.

“Instead, we focused on how we as humans think about our feet, how the different ways we use our feet can tell us a lot about ourselves, and why some of us attach great significance to feet in our thoughts and actions, often without realising it.

“A Single Step touches on a number of different themes that challenge the understanding of our feet as mere body parts.”