New eco friendly bags for Johnshaven residents

Niall Young Secretary of Shark handing over a bag
Niall Young Secretary of Shark handing over a bag

Johnshaven residents have had bags distributed to their households thanks to the environment group in the village, Shark.

The group had a competition for the Primary School earlier this year to design a bag to distribute to all households in Johnshaven. Shark are now pleased to announce that the bags have now been delivered to local residents.

The bags are made from ethically sourced jute and are accompanied by their message about reuse and avoiding as much disposable plastic as they can.

Nial Young Secretary of Shark said: “In 11 years of organising beach cleans locally we have now picked up 37500 pieces of plastic, so anything residents can do to reduce the amount of plastic waste will help our wildlife and the appearance of our beaches.

“Our thanks to everyone who has helped, including the pupils of Johnshaven School for their design ideas and helping us promote our message, Kirsty MacKenzie for putting together the final design, the Natural Bag Company of Dundee who manufactured the bags for us, and of course all our financial supporters for making it possible.”