New figures for Portlethen schools

A REPORT by Aberdeenshire Council has concluded that the two primary schools in Portlethen do not have as much capacity for pupils as previously suggested.

The review of the figures has taken into consideration the space now needed for pre-school and Additional Support Need Provision.

Portlethen Primary School, which was previously expected to hold 475 pupils, has now been revised the proposed capacity now stands at 307-358, while Fishermoss Primary School, which was previously expected to accommodate 450 pupils, now has a proposed capacity of 334-358.

The report states that “there are no significant staffing implications at this stage of the review” however it goes on to say that “there may be financial implications because some schools could reach 100% capacity either earlier or later depending on whether the proposed capacity goes up or down.”

Concerns about school capacity in the town were raised some time ago by parents living in the Hillside area of Portlethen, after Aberdeenshire Council announced that plans to build a primary school there were on hold indefinitely.

North Kincardine Councillor Alison Evison said: “These figures are at last a good reflection of the space needed to deliver the new cirriculum and to provide core areas such as for PE and for lunches.

“They are also an indication of the increasing need for space for a Nursery and Additional Support Need Provision.

“I am looking forward to open and honest discussions about what these figures mean for the area when the Hillside/Portlethen School’s Stakeholder Group meets again on Monday.”