New footage of Royal visit

The Leader front page from the Queen Mother's visit.
The Leader front page from the Queen Mother's visit.

FOOTAGE of when the Queen Mother opened The Tolbooth museum in Stonehaven over forty years ago has been found in the museum.

The discovery was made by volunteers, who now run the museum, as they when they took control ofthe museum this year.

The footage, which looks to have been filmed by an amateur, shows crowds of people welcoming the Queen mother when she arrived to open the Tolbooth in 1963.

The film then shows the Queen Mother being greeted by local dignitaries and walking along a bunting-decked street before heading into the museum.

The silver key which the Queen Mother used to open the museum is on display at The Tolbooth, however the visitor book she signed on the day is currently under the ownership of Aberdeenshire Council.

Discussions with Aberdeenshire Council over the return of a number of artefacts are ongoing.

The Queen Mother’s visit to Stonehaven was a huge event for the town, and The Leader was there to report on the day.

The Headline of the edition after she visited read Queen Mother gives Stonehaven it’s “Greatest Memory.”

During her visit, The Queen Mother said of the Tolbooth museum: “In the last few generations we have seen the destruction of many fine old buildings, and so it is good to see that your Burgh has set such a splendid example in preserving for prosperity this historic Tolbooth.”

The Queen Mother’s visit to Stonehaven was the first royal visit to the area for 248 years.

In 2013 it will be fifty years since the historic visit and the Museum are considering ways to mark the occasion.

Pictured below is the Queen Mother meeting local dignitaries and above is the Leader front page from the week of the Queen Mother’s visit.