A STONEHAVEN singer / songwriter has had his first taste of success in America after embarking on a two week acoustic tour of the West Coast.

Offshore worker Colin Clyne (30), spent the majority of last month playing venues in towns and cities such as Seattle and Tacoma in Washington state, Portland in Oregon and San Francisco, Orange County and San Diego in California.

The former Mackie Academy pupil, who now lives in San Diego, played numbers from his new album 'Songs from the Cold Store' and was well received by crowds at each venue.

Colin is signed up to San Diego record label Starving Dog Records and some of the inspiration for his music came from growing up in the North-east. His rock songs include titles such as 'Ode to the Spider on my wall'; 'Tailgunner'; 'Pomegranite (corr) Grey'; and 'Stonehaven Radio Station and Me.'

Colin said: "The name of my debut EP was inspired from a refrigerated food store on a ship I worked on. This was the only place I could play and sing loud without waking the night shift workers on the ship up.

"Imagine the cook's first impression when he came into the store to find me wrapped up in a big jacket, note pad and guitar in hand. But once I had played him some Beatles songs and helped him with the frozen steaks I had my practice room deal sewn up!

"Having worked throughout Europe, West Africa and the Arctic Circle I have drawn on these experiences to write songs that reflect the moods I felt at those times as well as the feelings of isolation and loneliness that come with working in that environment."

After completing his successful tour last week, Colin said he had learned a lot, and it had been a hugely fulfilling experience.

He said: "There is huge room for improvement and room for more hard practice and new songs but I suspect this is something I will always do now. I love writing songs and I have felt a connection with people up and down this coast from Bellingham near Canada to La Mesa by the Mexican border.

"I've been inspired by people I have met on the road and I'd like to think I have inspired people also."

Colin added: "The next thing planned for my music is a radio campaign across 360 radio stations in the US and Canada, which will take place on my next trip home."

Marvin Glover, of Starving Dog Records, said: "This guy has a great voice and great songs. What more do you need? My goal is to take his unique rock Scottish style and weave high impact pop creativity through his sound. His strength and power as a young artist are reflected well in this format."

'Songs From the Cold Store' is set for release later this month and is available from iTunes,, and