New kids club set to get cooking

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Nothing beats a hearty home-cooked meal with the family – but now it’s the turn of the children to be in charge.

Caterer Suzanne Henderson, who owns her own business The Home Cook, is starting a new after school club at Bervie Primary Scool next month to teach youngsters how to make tasty dishes while also learning cooking techniques and where food comes from.

Suzanne said: “My own children go to Bervie and I noticed that there was a lack of after school clubs for childrent to enjoy.

“I had the idea of starting a cooking class to teach them how to cook a variety of different meals.

“I contacted the school and they are fully on board with the idea of getting the kids in the kitchen.

“The club’s main purpose is to introduce kids to food and cooking in a fun and informative way.

They’ll get to know ingredients, different cooking techniques, kitchen safety and have some local food and healthy eating knowledge thrown in too.

“I’ve had a lot of interest and the kids are already excited about the club, which is great to see. I do hope that it’s a success as I would love to roll it out across other schools in the area.

“Being able to cook is such a great skill to have – no matter how old you are. There is no reason why this couldn’t become a nationwide initiative. In secondary schools there is a home economics class but in primary school there isn’t anything really along that same line.

“It would be great if Home Cook for Kids can change that.”

With a wealth of kitchen know-how under her apron strings, Suzanne has been busy whipping up recipes and lesson plans.

“There’s something for everybody with a great mixture of sweet and savoury dishes.

“The children can collect the cards from each lesson and keep them in their own binder. If they can get to the end of the class without eating what they’ve made, perhaps the parents at home will get to try some too!”

The Home Cook for Kids after school club begins on April 18 from 3.20pm until 4.20pm.

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