New logo for Town Hall Trust

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A Robert Gordon University (RGU) student has joined forces with trustees at Stonehaven Town Hall Trust to design a new identity for the Hall which acts as a hub for local events and is home to Mearns FM.

Michael Loudon (28) from Arbroath, a fourth-year Graphic Design student at RGU’s Gray’s School of Art in Aberdeen, has devised a new logo featuring four pebble shapes inspired by the diverse range of activities which take place at the Hall.

The new logo features on the Trust’s website and will also appear on its social media sites and all tickets for future events. In addition to the logo design, Michael is compiling branding guidelines for the Trust which will assist with marketing and promotional activities.

A sub-logo will also be created with the individual pebble elements to refer to the different types of activities in the Hall’s programme of events.

Michael said: “After meeting with the trustees of Stonehaven Town Hall Trust and exploring the town itself, I wanted the logo to depict the variety of events held there and highlight individual rooms of the building.

“The colours and shapes of the four individual elements that make up the logo are inspired by the shades of unique pebbles I picked up whilst visiting Stonehaven beach. These signify the cultural activities of dance, film, theatre and music and also represents Stonehaven’s heritage as a coastal town.”

The Trust has been active since July 2010 working in partnership with Aberdeenshire Council with the aim of the Trust taking over a lease agreement of the building and running it as a community asset on behalf of the people of The Mearns.


Ken Venters, Secretary of the Stonehaven Town Hall Trust, said: “We’re delighted with Michael’s design which we feel represents the Trust’s ethos and the town of Stonehaven. Having a distinct logo to brand our events and marketing materials will help to enhance the Trust’s activities and profile in the local community.

“Michael’s commitment to the project and his ability to interact with the trustees to ensure a joined-up approach to the new logo has been great, ensuring that our input was considered and incorporated into the design.”

Annette Murray, Stage 4 Co-ordinator of Communication Design at Gray’s, adds: “It’s been great for Michael to gain hands-on experience of working with a real external client and then to have his designs adopted as an official logo.

“Projects such as these allow students to work to a specific design brief and use their creativity to create a new brand and fresh look for organisations. Bringing the academic skills learned in the studio to a practical work environment has meant that Michael has been able to enhance his portfolio which is vital to starting his career as a graphic designer.”

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