New MSP on the case of Laurencekirk flyover

No sooner had Keith Brown been re-appointed minister for Housing and Transport than Nigel Don MSP contacted him for an update on the Laurencekirk flyover as he had promised to do during the campaign.

Mr Don wrote to the minister saying: “I’d be grateful if you could let me know when you expect to get a response from Transport Scotland regarding the likely cost of a flyover at the A90/A937 junction outside Laurencekirk. I would also appreciate the opportunity to discuss with your officials the options for obtaining a flyover, perhaps without creating a full grade separated junction.”

Mr Don commented: “This was one of the most important issues discussed during the campaign and I made a commitment to follow-up the matter with the minister after the election.

“Minister Keith Brown came up to Laurencekirk in person and crossed the junction to experience first-hand the concerns of those who use it regularly. Following his visit he instructed Transport Scotland to come up with costings for a grade-separated junction and we await their response.

“There are applications for planning permission currently with Aberdeenshire Council for substantial development and I have sought confirmation that a Section 75 agreement can be made to provide funding for local infrastructure.

“Further development will place an additional burden on the junction and serious consideration needs to be given to building a flyover to reduce the risks to users of this stretch of road.”