New President welcomed at Stoney Rotary club

Frank Budd has recently been succeeded as President of Stonehaven Rotary Club by retired chartered accountant Billy Hunter.

Mr Budd said that his period in office had been something of a “roller coaster,” given the challenges of balancing home and rotary duties.

However, at the club’s handover meeting, Mr Budd also said “it has been an enjoyable experience” and he praised the strong support he had received from members who had organised some “superb” local events.

Mr Hunter told the presidential hand-over meeting that he was set to benefit from having another “great team” in place to support him.

“We will continue to grow the club and take it from strength to strength.”

As well as building on the club’s successes, he was determined to try some new ideas.

Meanwhile, he did believe there are some “great things” happening in other Rotary Clubs that Stonehaven rotarians can learn from, in particular involving younger people, through Rotakids, Roteract and Interact for example and perhaps also the creation of an evening satellite club.

These, if there is sufficient interest from members, would get his full support, but would in no way change what the Stonehaven club was all about.

He was also keen to increase membership, if possible and meanwhile he hoped to work with the club committees in helping them organise the events planned for the coming year.

Mr Hunter said he will have a special interest in issues including support for Stonehaven’s dialysis unit, plus Men’s Shed and Playlist for Life, projects.

Joe Samson has succeeded Mr Hunter as vice-President.