New town will be ‘bigger than Stonehaven’

An artist's impression of the what the new town will look like.
An artist's impression of the what the new town will look like.

A new town set to be built at Elsick will be bigger than Stonehaven once completed, it was revealed at a public forum last week.

And Kincardine and Mearns area manager Willie Munro has insisted that education provision will be made a priority, with the first primary school aiming to open its doors when the 300th house is under construction, with the second primary school following after 1200 houses and the third after 2700 houses.

At that stage a secondary school will also be provided, but in the meantime secondary age pupils will attend either Mackie Academy on Stonehaven or Portlethen Academy. The schools will be designed and built by Aberdeenshire Council but will be paid for in due course by the developer.

A Chapelton liaison committee is being set up which will include the developer, representatives from the community councils, the local ward councillors and others.

It was also announced that a founding ceremony will take place on October 2 at Elsick House to mark the start of the new development.

Houses are expected to be in demand as soon as they are finished, as it was revealed that the Hillside development in Portlethen has been the fastest selling in the UK.