Newtonhill WRI

Newtonhill WRI held their February meeting in Skateraw Hall on Thursday the 13th.

President, Mrs Zena McLeod, welcomed speaker John Sorrie who gave a very informative talk and slide show telling the story of Ola Oils, which was much enjoyed by all the members present. A selection of the different oil infusions and sauces were for sale. Tea was served and business was then attended to and the meeting was closed.

Competition:- oatcakes made with Ola Oil - 1 Mrs Marlene Morrice, 2 Mrs Wood, 3 Mrs Colina Souter

Next meeting will be held in Skateraw Hall, Newtonhill, on March 13 at 7.30pm.

Topic will be ‘The History of Heinz.’

There will also be a bring and buy sale