Night buses welcomed back

People travelling from Aberdeen to Newtonhill will once again have an option of which late night bus they would like to get instead of having to wait until 2.40am.

The Nightbird service, run by Stagecoach Bluebird, used to have several buses after midnight on Saturday and Sunday morning. These buses stopped in Portlethen, Newtonhill, Muchalls and down to Stonehaven before returning into Aberdeen.

However over the last few years the buses were stopped because of the inconvenience of people misbehaving on the late night services meaning anyone who wanted to go into Aberdeen for a night out and consume alcohol either had to arrange a lift or get a taxi home.

Recently the late night buses were reintroduced but the service was not as extensive as before. The first few buses after midnight only went as far as Portlethen and the only bus going south of Portlethen was at 2.40am from Aberdeen, terminating at Newtonhill. This meant anyone who wanted to save money and the environment by bus travel as opposed to getting single taxis had to stay out until 2.40am.

However Councillor Ian Mollison, who has been campaigning for the buses to be brought back to Newtonhill, welcomed the news that the service will continue on to Newtonhill.

Councillor Mollison said “When Stagecoach recently reintroduced the Nightbird service at weekends there was dismay in Newtonhill that only one of the three services would continue beyond Portlethen.

“The issue was raised with the company directly and at the Kincardine and Mearns Bus Forum. They promised to look again at the timings to see if it were possible to fit in the extra leg. I am pleased that they have been able to respond positively. Hopefully Newtonhill passengers will now make use of the service.”

The change to the N7 Nightbird service takes place on 7 July when the 00:40 and 01:40 from Aberdeen to Portlethen will be extended to Skateraw Road in Newtonhill.

However the 01:06 and 02:06 buses from Portlethen back to Aberdeen will no longer run but passengers can travel on the journey to Newtonhill which will return to Aberdeen at 01:09 and 02:09 directly. A third bus leaves Aberdeen at 02:40 to Stonehaven.