No changes to A90 flyover

Transport Scotland has ruled out any improvements on the A90 at the Portlethen flyover, which has seen a number of crashes in recent weeks.

Chief executive David Middleton has told local councillor Ian Mollison that “an initial assessment of this section of the A90 suggests that its accident rate is consistent with the average for all trunk roads.”

Mr Middleton continued: “The lining on the slip road and the main carriageway at Portlethen were renewed in December 2012, but it is unlikely that any significant changes to the junction will be made in the near future.”

Councillor Mollison commented: “I had been approached by a number of residents who were concerned that crashes were happening regularly on that stretch of road. Thankfully there have been no fatalities, but it is always a possibility. Injuries can be life changing, so every step must be taken to make the roads as safe as possible.

“The crashes also cause traffic jams stretching for miles, delaying everyone and causing people to miss appointments, be late for work, and miss connections.

“One resident had raised the question of lowering the speed limit on a part-time basis. Mr Middleton has ruled that out. He said that Transport Scotland had recently completed a review of speed limits on A class trunk roads. With regard to Portlethen, the review concluded that the existing national speed limit was suitable for this section of the A90.

“Mr Middleton also said that Transport Scotland has to ensure that the limited funding available can be targeted at those areas that provide the greatest accident casualty savings.”