No start on flood defences until 2014

Flood alleviation measures in Stonehaven will not begin until 2014 at the earliest.

This was the information given to Councillors at Kincardine and Mearns Area Committee during discussion of the Infastructure Services quarterly performance report.

Within the report, the flood alleviation measures within Stonehaven are briefly discussed. The report said: “The Community of Stonehaven has been consulted on optional flood alleviation measures. Some further work is required before final choice of scheme established. Any scheme likely to be quite difficult to progress and build so would not anticipate any works on the ground until 2014 at earliest.”

This prompted Councillor Graeme Clarke to question why the work is taking so long. He said: “Why is it going to take so long? We have been consulted so many times.”

Area Manager Willie Munro explained that the process of flood alleviation is a long one. He explained that in the case of the Carron they are looking for a place to store the water and currently cannot find a suitable place, therefore a different option has to be discovered. He explained that the preferred scheme would then have to go before committee. However he emphasised that the importance of the scheme was understood and thet progress is being made as quickly as possible.

Cllr Clarke said he understood that these things take time but that it was “frustrating”. He said: “It’s just frustrating I think we are all frustrated, when you can’t see anything happening, except recently when we got quite a scare and the Council did very well.”

He said he felt that communication was the key to ensure that the public were kept up to date with what had been going on and to re-assure them that things are being done to alleviate flooding in the town.

Cllr Peter Bellarby also voiced his frustration at the speed the project is moving. He said: “The last time flooding in Stonehaven came before this committee we agreed that doing something about this is urgent. We reaffirm that we do want to see progress. I agree that there are difficulties in doing it but this has to be done as early as possible.”

Councillor Carl Nelson however, was not surprised by the news. He said: “ After the flood in November 2009 I asked how long it would take and I was told at that time, at least seven years.”