“No suggestion” of police station closure

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FOLLOWING last week’s announcement that Stonehaven Sheriff Court has been recommended for closure, Police Scotland has said there is “no suggestion” that this will affect the Police Station, which is within the Court building.

A spokesperson for Police Scotland said: “There is no suggestion that the police office in Stonehaven will be closed or sold.”

It was announced last week, following a consultation by the Scottish Court Service, that Stonehaven Sheriff Court was recommended for closure. The decision on the Court’s future is now in the hands of Scottish Ministers and Parliament who will make the final decision.

A SCS spokesperson said: “The Scottish Court Service confirms that the report sent to Scottish Ministers includes the expectation of capital receipts from the commercial sale of courts no longer required under these proposals. Our experience is that other court building disposals have led to commercially viable outcomes for these buildings. Should Stonehaven Sheriff Court close then SCS will market the court building, any other proposals for the area where the Police is located is entirely a matter for Police Scotland.”

Councillor Wendy Agnew has described the decision to recommend the court for closure as “astonshing” and has said she believes that should parliament approve the recommendation, the police office will also close.

She said: “The Police station is part of the same building and the police may say they are not thinking about moving but if the Scottish Government says they are moving, they are moving.

“If they do close the court they are ignoring everyone, even the people who voted for them. It strikes me as very arrogant.”

Cllr Agnew says that MSPs now need to speak out against the closure to try and save Stonehaven Sheriff Court and that the decision to recommend the court be closed is “beyond belief”.

Should Stonehaven Sheriff Court close the SCS has said there will be no redundancies.