North Kincardine visual art planned

PORTLETHEN and the surrounding area are being “researched” as part of a project to create a piece of public art which accurately represents North Kincardine.

No decisions have yet been made about what form the “art piece” will take, as the process is still in the beginning stages.

Visual artist Rachel O’Neill addressed the Portlethen and District community council on Tuesday evening to explain about the project.

She said: “I will be based here until August, researching the area and looking for ideas. So far, the feedback I have been getting has been that family is a very big part of life here.”

She added: “I want to find out about the area from as many people as possible in order to create a new map of the area which documents all of the things that people in who live in North Kincardine believe to be important.

This map will log geographical past and present; fact, fiction and memory; histories and events; landmarks – natural, man-made and personal. This process will be a way to document ‘what is important’ from all ages and from multiple points of interest. Once this map of the area has been created everyone will be able to see North Kincardine in a new way and it will be this information that will help determine what the public art works could be for the area and how it will successfully reflect North Kincardine in a way that truly celebrates this place.’

Rachel will be collecting this information in lots of creative ways over the next few months so that it can be presented back to the community during the Portlethen Gala held at Portlethen Academy in August.

One way in which Rachel plans to meet people and get to know the area is by holding the North Kincardine Quiz throughout the month of July, and she is looking for volunteers to create, organise and promote the event.

Areas where volunteers are needed include Checkbar / Marywell, Findon, Banchory Devenick, Portlethen including Portlethen Old Village, East Cammachmore, Downies, Cammachmore, Newtonhill including Skateraw, Cookney and Bridge of Muchalls. Volunteers can be interested individuals, a small group of friends, families, existing community groups.

Rachel will be visiting Portlethen Academy on May 11 and 12, and the surrounding primaries the following week on May 18 and 19 to get a youth perpspective of the area.

Rachel is also looking for interesting local facts and stories which she can include in the quiz and asks for people to get in contact if they have any ideas. She is particularly interested in collecting ‘hidden’ information or local facts that not many people would know about.

Rachel can be contacted by email: