‘Nuns on the Run’ beat the competition in raft race

the winning team
the winning team

Torrential rain on Saturday and high water conditions threatened to call off last weekend’s Marykirk Raft Race, but the coastguard deemed conditions safe on Sunday and the day turned out to be warm and sunny.

Fifteen rafts competed, and in first place were ‘Nuns on the Run’ in 23.07, second were ‘Cell Block Marykirk’, closely followed by ‘Auld Bent’.

The best dressed raft was named as ‘Neyy Bother’, and best constructed raft was ‘NOV’.

After the race, several hundred people were entertained at Marykirk Park by live bands, a talent show, highland dancing and the Howe o’ the Mearns pipe band.

Organiser John Wolstencroft said: “It was a great day out, the sun shone and lots of money was raised for charity.”

The raft race, an annual event, sees competitorsrace along the North Esk, starting above Marykirk and finishing just before the road bridge from Marykirk to Montrose - running under the railway bridge over the Esk on homemade rafts which they have designed themselves.

A raft is a floating, non-motorised collection of materials, with a raft race team on top. All propulsion should be human-powered, without gears or linkages, and can often be as simples as a collection of oil drums lashed together.