Objection to turbine plans

Members of Stonehaven and District community Council voted to object to a planning application to build two No. 225Kw (Height to Hub 32m and 45.5m to Blade Tip) Wind Turbines on Land to North West of Logie, Stonehaven.

Community Councillors discussed the plans at their meeting this week. Community Councillor David Fleming put across the motion that they should object to the plan. Citing six reasons why he felt the plans should be refused.

These were; There was no public consultation into the plans, information on the website is inadequate as the drawings appear to show different things, no account taken of other applications in the area particularly kempstone hill, the totality of the site (not part of a larger plan), diagrams are not sufficiently clear to see if everything is correct and that the site is situated within 2.2 miles of Stonehaven.

Other community Council members then voted to object to the plans and went through these points in order to decide on what grounds they would object. Of the six points raised by Mr Fleming, the community councillors voted to object on two grounds- 1. Lack of public consultation 2. They believe it to be within 2.2 miles of the town.

They did not feel that they wished to act upon any of Mr Flemings other concerns. In particular they felt the exclusion of considering other sites was not relevant as the one highlighted, kempstone Hill, is yet to be submitted as a planning application.

However they did note that the proposed site is close to Meikle Carewe where development has already started on 12 turbines.

The discussion of turbine applications had been a recurring topic at recent meetings of SDCC with particular emphasis on concerns over the cumulative effect they will have. A number of the community councillors have questions about planning in relation to turbines and therefore it was decided to invite Peter Argyll to a future meeting to answer some of the concerns and questions about the issue.