Open Air Pool prepares for 2016

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The Friends of Stonehaven Open Air Pool are already working hard to get the pool looking its best for the summer season.

The popular attraction is the UK’s only heated seawater, Olympic-sized, open air, Art Deco swimming pool.

The Friends’ volunteer workers have already started their scheduled maintenance work which includes cleaning, minor repairs and painting inside and out.

Team organiser David Dobbie said: “Already work is under way to repaint reception, replace and paint the ceiling over the gents’ showers, refurbish the ladies’ additional needs shower and toilet and renovate the bandstand completely, except the mural which was new last year.

“Closer to opening we will also be undertaking outdoor painting and renovating the chute again, this time we hope using more durable materials.

“The combination of salt water, chlorine and sunlight, coupled with winter storms, causes considerable damage each year but we are determined that everything will be ready for the pool to be filled on schedule and ready to open on time.”

Work has also already started to raise funds to allow the Friends to carry out this work and to buy items which will enhance visitors’ enjoyment of the pool.

Friends’ chair, Pete Hill, said: “We have our sights set on long-lasting, but very expensive, refurbishment of the chute, renovation of the bandstand and buying new poolside table tops to go with the chairs and loungers purchased last year, as well as more, perhaps different, pool toys for kids to enjoy.

“Our plan is again to offer local businesses the opportunity to sponsor individual weeks of the season, midnight swims and special events.”