Organisers ‘over the moon’ at council decision

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Following a tense six hour wait at council offices in Stonehaven last Thursday, organisers of the highly anticipated planned Simple Minds concert at Hogmanay got the news they had been hoping for - councillors voted unanimously to grant a public entertainment license for the event.

Members of the Open Air in the Square committee hugged each other and thanked councillors when they heard the news.

Vice-chairman David Lawman told waiting reporters: “We are simply over the moon that the area’s councillors unanimously decided to back this ambitious event, which has put Stonehaven even more firmly on the map and attracted worldwide interest.”

Area committee chairman Carl Nelson said: “This was obviously a significant licence application for the local area and one which we have treated very seriously.

“While there were significant police concerns about allowing the event to go ahead, if the applicants are able to comply with the range of conditions attached by the area committee we believe these concerns will be addressed, and Police Scotland will be involved further in the process.”