Over 3000 flock to Banchory for Beer Festival

Photos: Nicol Rosie

However, the organisers of the festival arent resting on their laurels, with the team already looking at ways to make next year even bigger and better.

Co-founder's and brothers Guy & Mungo Finlayson are already planning for next year's festival

Co-founder's and brothers Guy & Mungo Finlayson are already planning for next year's festival

Co-founder Mungo Finlayson says that, along with his brother Guy, they learn from experience and are always looking at ways to grow.

He said: “Last weekend was a massive improvement from our first event 12 months ago .

“Now, we need to sit down and have a serious think about ways to better the event for next year, which is going to be a serious 

“We like to do it while it’s fresh in our mind, neither me or my brother have degrees or training in events management so we learn on the job.

Sunday's family day was a massive success

Sunday's family day was a massive success

“I’m a strong believer in learning from experience, you could spend four years doing a degree but until you get out and see first hand what it takes I don’t think you’ll ever truly learn.”

This year’s festival saw the introduction of a ‘family fun day’ on the Sunday which allowed parents to bring their kids along.

The children were able to enjoy bouncy castles, face painting and a magician among many other things while the parents enjoyed a social drink.

“The family fun day was a massive succes.” said Mungo.

Photos courtesy of Nicol Rosie

Photos courtesy of Nicol Rosie

“I think now the festival is becoming an annual event and people are coming from all around to attend.

“We must have had around 200 kids on the Sunday which I think had a lot to do with the event being shared around Facebook.”

By far the most popular drink of the festival was Dark Matter Rum, distilled less than a mile away from the festival in Banchory.

Jim Eweing of Dark Matter Distillers said the weekend was a great success for both the festival and 
his rum.

He said: “Guy and Mungo came to us months ago asking to sell our rum and we thought it was a great idea.

“I was obviously delighted to hear it had sold so well and couldn’t quite believe it when I got the call saying they had sold out what we’d given them.

“It was 9pm on the Saturday so I wasn’t able to get them anymore then but on the Sunday we managed to deliver a few more bottles.”

“The weekend was a massive success for both us and the festival.”

The weekend was capped off for the brothers when they found out that the festival had been shortlisted for the Aberdeen City & Shire best cultural event or 
festival award.